Dirty work


Field of gold by Vladimir Zivkovic

Good morning, folks!

First of all, my heart-felt apologies for my recent absence. Sometimes there are some major concerns I cannot push aside (work, family, my child’s flu, etc.), so here I am, almost half a week behind A.W.A.D. weekly selection, but I don’t mind, I’ll catch up.

Today I’m going to introduce someone whose work is surely dirty. Don’t get it wrong, it’s materially dirty, but surely of primary importance: what’s more important than growing food?


noun: An unsophisticated person from a rural area.
Shortened form of name Reuben. Earliest documented use: 1891. Also see hey rube.
“Is he simply some rube, an easy target for fast-talking telephone magazine salespeople?”
Kevin Prokosh; Normal is Overrated; Winnipeg Free Press (Canada); Oct 18, 2013.
1. n. (Am,sl) (unsophisticated countryman) persona f. rustica, campagnolo m. (f. -a).
2. Zoticone, imbecille
Source 2: Dicios
As you will probably imagine, the tagline is inspired by a song I love, an old song by Steely Dan, Dirty Work. The subject is surely not related to today’s word, but its title was what I came to think after racking my brains half a night in search of a title. Not that bad, after all, the song is awesome and I think it deserves a listen. I know you don’t normally open links in my posts – WP stats never lie – but I suggest you to do it this time.
Now a few words on peasants: In Italy we have a saying, ‘contadino, scarpe grosse e cervello fino‘ that contradicts today’s word. It means that behind their modest look, their apparent lack of education, country people can conceal a brilliant mind. Not that far from truth, if you see it from the right perspective. Farmers are considered ‘simple minds’.  Well, they may not speak about philosophy or politics, they may not be sophisticated or fashionable, but they know some basic facts of life we seem to have forgotten: they are not afraid of getting their hands dirty, they can work hard, they strive for the best yield of their crops, they struggle against the fury of the elements, pests or the notorious chop of the EC quotas, they endure and try to overcome the many difficulties related to the uncertainty of weather, climate, soil. Working, struggling, enduring. In a few words, living. Simply. Genuinely. Something we lost somewhere in our journey.  The genuine taste of life. Such a shame …
Your passionate (Italian) Translator

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