I want you!


Hello, folks!

You may say I’m asking too much, considering that I disappeared long ago from my blog, but I’m going through a very intense period, comprising a ‘minuscule’ effort to catch my train to success (I’m going to explain what’s up as soon as I’m sure I’ve got it), so I’ve no time at all to take care of my modest blog. This thing was just for fun, so take it as such. I’ve joined the Matecat Translation World Cup 2014 and translated a brief text on animal oracles, here’s the link. If you like, you can take a look and vote … or you can kick me in the pants, too, I probably deserve both!

Here’s the link to my translation, thanks anybody who will take even a bored look at it …

Matecat Translation World Cup: Gli animali indovini del Campionato Mondiale di calcio

See you there, folks!

Your passionate (Italian) Translator

P.S.: Hehe, as usual, a title in music, here’s the list of songs bearing this title.


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