And I feel fine …


Joyful Dreams by Purplecoke  


Subtitle: My ‘first time’

Good morning, folks!

It’s wednesday morning and – as you can read – I feel fine. Gosh, not physically, I feel a wreck to be honest, but my soul’s high and I feel in peace. You are surely wondering what’s the hell with me today … absolutely nothing. It’s just the period (a golden period!) that makes me speak like this. You may as well say “keep all this new age garbage away from the web and don’t bother!” but after all a blog is an online diary, so I’m entitled to invade the web with my useless words like any other.

Today I’m going to talk about my ‘first time’ – obviously, my first time as editorial translator, what did you expect?

I’m excited, enthusiastic about this adventure, it’s my lifetime dream coming true. To start, I love translating, no matter what kind of stuff I translate. It’s a continuous discover, an eternal riddle, a big challenge any time. For years now I’ve been translating tons of user’s manuals, technical documentation, datasheets, commercial letters, but my mind was set on books. I’ve been a keen reader of mysteries and thrillers since I just a teenager … no, more exactly, since my child years, I remember I started reading Nancy Drew when I was about eight. I’ve always dreamt about translating one of my favourite mysteries, but I ended up doing something completely different (like most people, you may say). Life’s strange, I’ve spent years doing things I didn’t actually like both at work and in my personal life, then a struck of bad luck upset the whole scheme and turned out to be a struck of luck instead: in the end I found myself trying to pursue my former goal, i.e. the translation career. Now I’m much stronger than when I was a fresh translation graduate, I lost my eternal sense of shame and I’ve much more guts – and nerve too – I dare a lot more and I’m not afraid to ask and receive a NO as an answer, to me, that’s life! This is the time for me to go for it.

Now the fact: Many months ago I registered to any sort of platform, directory or whatever web tool related to translation in an attempt to get visibility – and customers, of course! In this frantic effort I included a registration to a publishing platform, Babelcube, at that time in its ‘beta‘ version. No idea of how it really worked. I didn’t even fill my profile, partly because my editorial background was similar to a wasted land, partly because I was not much persuaded Babelcube could really work. I forgot doing it. After a couple of attempts to ‘hack’ some pioneering writer willing to let me translate his/her book, and a couple of completely neglected proposals of cooperation, I was nearly losing faith in my good Fate, then I ran across a post on Linkedin about Babelcube and its potential. A light went suddenly on in my head: I might try Babelcube to find books to translate! And I did it: I put down a brief, striking profile starting from my tagline (Your words, my passion), where I put the stress on my passion and a veil on my lack of experience, then I chose the genre (mysteries, what else?) browsed the various titles and plots and my eyes fell upon it: a little, charming story called Lucky Man by an Indie writer named Shawn Inmon. Luck was the issue, luck was what I needed, besides a good story and a farsighted writer … or, at least, an enthusiast like me. Shawn was it all. He gave me the job in a flash. I was astonished, dazed, excited, maybe even overjoyed. And deeply grateful. I started reading the book eagerly and I found out that my first impression was correct: an intriguing, breathtaking story on revenge keeping you in suspense up to the word END.  A smooth, balanced writing style, no frilly words, no pointless plot twist, just the necessary to make the whole thing work. I finished it in a flash and enjoyed it so much that I translated it in half the expected time, so that I could find time to review it over and over to be sure it was just perfect. I must say that Shawn was also very collaborative, I got in touch with him from time to time for some clarification and he was always there for me.  A pleasure to work with him. When I delivered the translated text he even found time to send me a message with his thanks and his proposal to translate some of his books. In a flash, as usual. Fantastic! When it came to the book release I could not believe my very eyes: the whole thing was happening so quickly that I hardly realized it was really happening to me. Within 24 hours from acceptance my translation was released on Kobo, then LaFeltrinelli, Barnes&Noble, Amazon and Apple. Un Uomo Fortunato by Shawn Inmon and Lidia Capone*. When I came to see the inside front cover I nearly cried like a child. Tears of joy after so many tears shed for rage and frustration. A Lucky Man made this woman lucky, at last …

Your passionate (Italian) Translator

*as on

P.S.: Where’s the relation to music? The title, of course, I feel fine by the Beatles. Enjoy!



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