Freshly pressed! Werewolves of Shade

I’m proud to announce that my latest endeavour has just been published: Werewolves of Shade by the best-selling author Tim O’Rourke. It’s the first chapter of a young adult series based on a legendary war between werewolves and vampires, a really catching story that will keep the reader in suspense up to the very last word … and beyond, since it ends with a cliffhanger! I’m looking forward to reading (and translating, of course!) the second part, I’m sure Italian readers will be dying for more, just like me!


When the entire population of Shade go missing, investigative reporter Mila Watson knows this could be the big break she has been waiting for. Setting off into the mountains to the village of Shade, Mila soon learns that the village isn’t as deserted as she first believed it to be and that creatures lurk in the shades…

Available on


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