NYC Resources – Glossary of Architectural Terms

Art and Entertainment

MoMa – Glossary of Art Terms – Glossary of Painting Terms

Movie Terminology Glossary

Glossary of cooking terms

Garden Terminology

GardenVisit – Garden Glossary

Comic Book Glossary

Onomatopoeia Dictionary – Written sound

Automotive – Glossary of Automotive Terms – Dictionary of Automotive Terms A-Z

Canadian Automotive Industry – Glossary of Automotive Terms

Beauty and cosmetics

Hair and makeup glossary

Business and Finance

Finances A-Z

Keystone Financial Management – Financial glossary


Cosmetic Ingredients glossary and dictionary

General Chemistry Online: Glossary

Illustrated Glossary of Organic Chemistry

Glossary of Paint Terms

The American Leather Chemist Association – Dictionary of Leather

Leather Tanning Association – Leather Glossary

Climate and weather

Weather Glossary

The America Meteorological Association – Glossary of meteorology

Fashion and clothing – apparel glossary – Textile glossary

HSN – Handbag Glossary

Handbag Heaven – Handbags Glossary – Glossary of accessories – Multilingual dictionaries for textile trade

Health and Medicine

Multilingual Glossary of technical medical terms

MedTerms – Glossary of Medical Terms

WebMD – Glossary of Dental Health Terms

American Dental Association – Glossary of Dental Clinical and Administrative Terms

Dental Dictionary – multilingual

Human Resources

HR Marketer – Glossary of HR and Benefits

Job Seeker’s Glossary


Glossary of Insurance Terms – AMB

IRMI – Insurance and Risk Management Terms

Studio Becca – Bilingual Glossary of Insurance Terms (IT-EN)


U.S. Courts – Legal Glossary

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Glossary

Oxford Dictionary of Law

Science and Technology

Biology-Online Dictionary – Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms

Extron Electronics Glossary of Terms

Festo Didactics – Multilingual Technical Dictionaries

Computer, Telephony & Electronics Industry Glossary

Dictindustry – Multilingual Technical Dictionary

Glossary of Electrical Engineering Terms

U.S. Energy Information Organization – Glossaries on energy and fuel groups

Cimac Lexicon (multilingual)

ScienceDictionary – Online Science Terminology


Glossary of Statistical Terms – UC Berkeley – Department of Statics – Glossary of Statistic Terms

The ISI multilingual Glossary of Statistical Terms

Monolingual/multilingual multidisciplinary dictionaries


Buffalo Illustrated Dictionaries



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