Lo Stalker by Jack Erickson


Once upon a (not too) long ago, when I was still trying to figure out how my career as a literary translator might evolve, I stumbled upon the works of another American writer, Jack Erickson. He wrote mysteries, whose plots sounded intriguing and he had quite a few books available for translation. On Babelcube I had noticed this very short noir and wanted to send my translation proposal, but he did not reply to my ‘offer to translate’. Then I tried to contact him through his website urging a reply to my translation offer and he finally answered. At first we did not reach an agreement but he seemed interested in me and kept in touch somehow. At the beginning of 2015, on receiving his season’s greetings, I wrote him an email in a rush of enthusiasm telling him that my  plan for 2015 was to become his Italian translator. Yes, these were my exact words, believe me or not. My bold-faced attitude reached the goal: I would translate his Stalker. The first of a – hopefully – long series of books. I don’t know if this will happen, it will depend mostly on the sales in Italy of his Tredici Giorni a Milano (not a work of mine, unfortunately) and my Lo Stalker. But I’m confident. Chi la dura, la vince, Italians say. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and I am surely strong-willed.


A schoolboy is bullied by a classmate to follow a beautiful young woman when she gets off a bus after work. He follows her, and becomes intrigued by her private life.

Years later, he meets her in a professional setting and learns intimate details of her life. His fantasies become an obsession that ends in a startling conclusion …

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