Il Mio Amico Mostro – Libro 1 – Boris Alla Riscossa by Kaz Campbell


My special gift for my special daughter: my first translated children’s book, Il Mio Amico Mostro – Boris alla Riscossa by Karen Kaz Campbell. It’s  a funny story on a 8 year-old kid, Billy, who’s persecuted by terrible nightmares, and his friendly monster Boris, who helps him chase them away. It tells about self-awareness and self-esteem, about bullying and redemption written with lightness and humour. Your kids will love it!

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Lidia Capone, AKA Your passionate (Italian) Translator


This is an ideal first short chapter book for girls and boys aged from 5 to 9. It is funny and shows that the good guys win in the end. Your child will love this story.

Bobby has a special friend. Don’t tell anyone, but it is a monster! His name is Boris and he is red and furry with two golden horns. Boris helps Bobby when he has bad dreams.
In Book 1, Boris goes to school with Bobby. He doesn’t like the way Jack the Bully treats his friend Bobby. Jack doesn’t know that Boris is setting him up for embarrassment.
Book 2…Felix – the Naughty Monster! is out now.

About the author:

Kaz Campbell loves to tell a story. So where do all the ideas come from? Well to start off with, her husband – B. Campbell – is a very funny man. He wrote ‘Diary of an Almost Cool Girl’, an instant best seller. Mr TDH (Tall, Dark and Handsome) is one of the characters in his book. Kaz felt that he needed a voice too, how did he feel about Maddi, what was happening in his life…. And so Diary of Mr TDH was born.

Kaz taught for many years and has two teenage children, so she knows how kids tick.Her latest series, My Monster, is written for children aged from 4 to 10. It is a short chapter book about an 8 year-old boy called Bobby who has really bad nightmares. His mother buys him a dream-catcher and guess what comes out of the dream-catcher? A cute red monster called Boris. Boris helps Bobby with his dreams, but he also goes to school with Bobby and can’t resist paying back Jack (the class bully) for all the mean things he does. This is a funny book that young kids absolutely love.So far two books are available. My Monster, Book 1 – Boris to the Rescue and My Monster, Book 2 – Felix…The Naughty Monster. More are on the way!Kaz lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia with her husband and two “almost cool” teenage kids. Everyone in her family loves to surf and enjoy the outdoors. She has a blue great dane called Roxy (who is a chicken) and a very friendly bird called Bella.Kaz Campbell and Katrina Kahler have a fabulous free site called How To Help Children with over 300 videos showing parents how to help their child with academic work, personal and social skills and much more. Check it out! Click here: How To Help Children

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